About Us

Lotove Cosmetics is founded by Emmanuela popularly known as Amy KOK, who is a Public Health Biochemist and her partner who is a Medical Doctor. We are very passionate about everything beauty; skincare and makeup. We have impacted many lives by teaching makeup for free. But before makeup, the skin must also be healthy so that you are not just covering blemishes but applying makeup on a healthy and moisturized skin.

Growing up, we relied heavily on our environments to get reliefs from all the skin issues plaguing us. African Black soap and oils were a norm growing up to relieve our skin problems and is still a norm because of its potency. It’s a ritual for us to use superfoods from our kitchen to get relieve or glow our skin.

By coupling education with extensive research, we have combined science and our love for superfoods to bring to you skin care products that are safe, reliable, sustainable and very effective.

The medicinal and healing properties of the superfoods in our formulations are so powerful that you will be addicted to our products in no time.

We acknowledge that not all-natural skincare products are safe, and we also know that not all synthetic products are harmful, so we tapped into our science superpowers to formulate the best – both natural and synthetic products that are safe and very effective. As Public Health Experts, your safety is our number one Priority. 

Our desire is to look like we are 30 in our 60s and to make our old parents look and feel their best. If this is you too, let’s get on the journey together and shine bright. Our products are for both young and older people.

Other Products we will be launching soon include Eyeshadow Palettes, Lipsticks, Accessories and other beauty products. So, stay tuned beauties and follow us on instagram @lotovecosmetics and TikTok @lotovecosmetics for updates.

This is about you, so we want to make sure that our products are addressing your needs so please feel free to DM your thoughts and recommendations. We look forward to serving you. Ok now order already...hahaha

We love and appreciate y'all. Thank you so much for purchasing our products. We owe all our successes to you.